our passion

purpose-driven entrepreneurs

War and terror, environmental pollution, poverty and pandemics – the challenges the world faces today are enormous. However, global opportunities are equally momentous, if industrial, political and financial leaders manage to approach them the right way. Numerous social and environmental entrepreneurs are already busy developing “real-world solutions.” In the process, they are creating inventive new business models. Many of these entrepreneurs operate on the remotest edges of the modern economy. Some traditionalists consider them “unreasonable,” even crazy.But they are not. Rather, they are visionaries and risk takers. Their innovative approaches have the power to transform national economies. Indeed, their efforts are sure to push business, markets and capitalism to evolve in novel ways. 

These entrepreneurs set trends and demonstrate how businesses must learn to operate in the emerging markets of the 21st century. We attract people (Founders, Partners and Investors) who are motivated by satisfying internal interests and desires, and want to build companies to better serve society. Cynics claim that the world’s mounting problems are insoluble. Social entrepreneurs demonstrate the opposite. But they cannot meet today’s heady challenges by themselves. They need the active support of the leaders and citizens of every nation, as well as the combined good will and assistance of the public and private sectors. Through their good work and innovative methods, social entrepreneurs bravely show the way into the future. Everyone else must follow their lead.

our mission

where profits meet purpose

We view ourselves as a prerequisite to create an entrepreneurial environment where creativity, collaboration, engagement, trust, strong interdependent networks and innovation flourish. This prerequisite begins with how we think and speak about what we think, do, and produce. Our mission is to highlight the companies working to social, environmental and governmental issues, then support them from a technical, organisational, business and stakeholder perspective. 

The goal is to unify these efforts to better cope with the complexity of a startup environment. We’re focused on giving complete autonomy to the entrepreneurs, by providing them with the support they need to make the right decisions, to increase motivation, save time and avoid costly errors.

our criteria

sustainable development goals

We provide for-profit and non-profit impact startups who aims to affect one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals we focus on. While non-profit companies vary greatly in strategy, we favour those companies that strive to cover their operating costs by charging fees for the products & services they create rather than relying on donations. Therefore, we work with non-profit startups that charge fees for their products and service are also more similar to for-profits startups. 

The UN created the SDGS at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.