A community designed to encourage polite discourse, business development, mentorship, and peer-to-peer advisory.

Collective Intelligence

 A learning hub and private community for non-profit and for-profit startups who meet the urgent environmental, political and economic challenges facing our world. It is a convener of pressing debates. Most importantly, it is the nucleus for a community that seeks to shake the defenders of the free society out of their complacency. This private trove is brimming with valuable resources to help you get answers, make better decisions, and take advantage of opportunities.

Community Forum

You’ll find private networking opportunities with amazing authors, executives, and entrepreneurs. Join any of a number of active threads dedicated to accelerating your personal growth and development — questions, answers, and everything in between. Also, well-known authors lead discussions of their favourite works.

Pitch Practice

The Knowledge Library is a vast and ever-expanding collection of original and curated resources to help you go deep on whatever it is you’re learning now. We are regularly adding content to the library and you’ll have access to everything.

Expert Presentations

Get your burning questions answered by top authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, investors and others who are making big splashes in their fields. Subscribers get hand-edited transcripts of episodes allowing them to accelerate their learning, take notes, and reference shows later without having to re-listen to the entire episode.

Weekly Debates

Live for 60 minutes every week, we bring the community together and dive deep into topics related to environmental, social and governance. Speakers share a commitment to the values held by social entrepreneurs and passionately debate what policies and practices can best realise them. 


Get the insights you need to increase the quality of your decision making and successfully overcome business roadblocks.


Develop your communications, storytelling, and presentation skills to maximise efficiency and better achieve organisational goals.


Stay on track with actionable steps that drive real results for you and your business with private, on-demand coaching .


Maintain motivation and keep moving toward your business goals with the support of a likeminded community of dedicated members.

Our Contributors

The Impact Network is designed for companies that are ready to solve problems faster with high-growth potential businesses:

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Impact Network by Neurev aims to be a private global network of top impact startup founders, senior executives and investors that are committed helping each other and our next generation succeed. We will share knowledge and meet regularly to harness our collective energy, knowledge and networks in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Europe. As we are for founders, senior executives and investors only an invitation is required at first. To receive an invite request one, receive a nomination and subscribe to our weekly impact newsletter.

You must be a founder of an impact company who addresses the (see purpose page) we are helping to achieve or a full-time investor. 

* We'll review all applications and offer up to 100 startups lifetime access at £399 (normally £1099 p/y) on a first come first serve basis when the membership is live.


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