We help founders improve their startups by improving themselves with bespoke, founder coaching.

Investing in a founder’s coach generates a 7x to 50x return on investment*

Resilience Psychology

Your mindset creates your reality. When we are anxious, frustrated and impatient, we bring negative energy to our experience which pushes away the startup we want to create. Resilience Psychology is a proven practice of managing your thoughts and vibration by connecting with how you feel regardless of the current conditions around you. As you become more unconditional, you are better able to create more of the things you want while developing a deep resilience in the process of manifesting what you want.

Vision and Focus

Focus is an powerful too for entrepreneurs. As creators, our focus determines what we create. When you are unsure, you open your aperture and let ideas and impulses flow in. When you are in a place of knowing, you are laser focused on what you want and as a result, you create it. We work with our clients to help them through this discovery process so they can figure out what they want and make it so.

Connected Leadership

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to have egos. We all have them. But building a successful startup is not a solo activity. No one creates a highly-valuable startup alone. We think the most successful startup leaders develop the ability for Connected Leadership. By connected we mean in tune with their teams, customers, investors, partners and most importantly themselves. One connected leader is more powerful than 1,000 disconnected souls.

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